Homi Suction Vibrating GT Male Masturbator

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Commodity quality certification: CE、ROHS.
  • Intense Suction & Vibration Blowjob Machine
  • 8 Vibration & 3 Suction Modes
  • One-Click Orgasm
  • Superior & Body-Safe Material
  • Life Waterproof And USB Charging.

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Groovy, baby! Have you checked out the GT male masturbator toy? It’s a high-tech penis stimulator that’s as powerful as it looks! Not only does it give your eyes a feast, but it also provides an oral-like texture that’ll blow your mind! The suction on this bad boy is remarkable, making the blowjob experience unbeatable – just like the real thing!

Ah, my dear friend! Let me spin ye a tale of a device that shall surely rock your world! Behold, the mighty auto male masturbator! With a deep tunnel of five whole inches, it shall swallow thy entire shaft! As you plunge into its tight and soft stroker, it shall create a vacuum, drawing your manhood in and providing a sensation that’s even better than the real deal! It shall be a pleasure like no other, my friend!

male masturbation

Golly gee, the GT Masturbation Cup sure does provide some intense vibrations to massage your penis! This dynamite combo is sure to send you on a wild ride of sensations. You can tweak the intensity to your liking, with options to choose from 3 different sucking intensities, 6 gnarly vibration patterns, and even a one-click burst!
male masturbator toy

Like, whoa dude! Check it out! You can totally get your rocks off by experimenting with edging! This male masturbator toy has got pleasure nubs lining the inside, which crank up the intensity and make sure you’re feeling all the sensations. Just lube up and slide deep inside, and you’ll be in for a totally trippy, mind-blowing oral-sex experience!

auto male masturbator

Automatic Male Masturbators Blowjob Master Key Features:

  • The 5″ tunnel is designed to cover your entire length, providing complete envelopment.
  • Experience the combination of oral-like sucking and powerful vibration for an incredibly stimulating experience.
  • The intense sucking action will bring you to the edge of pleasure.
  • The raised bumps inside the tunnel deliver maximum stimulation.
  • With 3 suction modes, 8 vibration variations, and a one-click burst, this product offers a range of customizable options.
  • The sleek high-tech design gives the impression of power and sophistication.
  • Made from soft and supple silicone for a realistic feel.
  • USB rechargeable and provides up to 2 hours of playtime.
  • Enhance your experience by using lube.


GT Male Masturbation x 1

Charging Cable x 1

Instructions Manual x 1

masturbators cupmale masturbation

Additional information

Weight 0.47 kg
Dimensions 26 × 7.5 cm

Green, Black, Customized Logo/Color


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