Homi Automatic Telescopic Masturbator For Men

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Commodity quality certification: CE、ROHS.
  • Strong Rubbing Sensation
  • 10 Uniquely Designed Telescopic + 3 Speeds = 30 Elongation Frequencies.
  • Virile Outside,Soft Inside
  • Skin-Like&Elastic Material
  • Disassemble for Cleanup

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Our automatic male masturbator is not akin to the conventional masturbatory aids of yore. In contrast, the conventional toys only mechanically and monotonously stimulate the phallus, without simulating the actual sensations of sex.

Our mens sex toys boast a potent, fully automatic, firming grip that enshrouds the entirety of your phallus. Each contraction and expansion of the device results in a snug and resolute embrace, inducing a flirtatious and alluring sexual experience. This sex toy engulfs and teases the penis with a seasoned beauty’s touch, leaving one entirely smitten.

male masturbator machine

The latest male trainer is equipped with a mighty, yet discreet motor. Additionally, the stroke speed can be adjusted between 3 different levels.
Furthermore, the most potent gear is capable of stimulating the glans at variable velocities, simulating distinct degrees of sexual excitement.
In addition, our pocket cat masturbator is composed of premium quality ABS+TPE, which ensures sufficient and enveloping friction and suction around the penis. This feature allows one to savor the genuine pleasure of penetration and indulge in an unparalleled sexual experience.

male masturbator machine

Behold, this is a tremendous vibrator for men, boasting a retractable feature of formidable power. Male masturbation toys of this sort are suitable for individuals of all sizes, augmented by a potent cooling function.
Should you be a daring and adventurous soul, this male adult toy shall fulfill your every carnal desire. The upgraded motor guarantees more intense and vigorous stimulation, leading to the most astounding orgasms. The thickened sleeve wholly envelops your phallus, and with its tightness akin to that of a deep throat, you shall revel in boundless pleasure as you give it your all.

male masturbating toys

The sucking male masturbating toys is very simple to use.

  1. Before use, clean the colloid first.
  2. Add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the insertion port (need to used with lubricating oil).
  3. After turning on the machine, place the penis (it is recommended wear a condom) Apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil and insert slowly.
  4. The theme of the sex toy is not waterproof. Do not rinse the cup directly under water. Clean it with a damp cloth.

mens sex toys

Firstly, uncover the electric sex toy and extract the built-in vaginal cat. Then, carefully remove the vaginal cat and slightly open the insertion opening. Rinse the cat repeatedly under running tap water to ensure cleanliness. After cleaning, wipe the moisture inside and outside the cat dry to guarantee cleanliness. Make sure that the soft gel is clean and dry, then securely close the lid and store the toy for the next use. Finally, pack the pocket cat carefully in the box, ensuring that the box packaging contains no information.

electric sex toys

Male Masturbator Machine Key Features:

  • Extremely tight and comfortable grip.
  • Long and elastic sleeves fit all sizes.
  • Skin-like silicone for maximum comfort.
  • Bumped inner texture adds friction.
  • Sucking & vibrating combined for enhanced sensation.
  • 10 uniquely designed telescopic + 3 speeds = 30 elongation frequencies.
  • USB rechargeable supplies 2h of playtime on a single charge.
  • Easy clean-up with water requires minimal time and effort.
  • Pair with lube to optimize your experience.

male adult toys

Package Details:

  1. Automatic Male Masturbator x 1
  2. USB Charging Cable x 1
  3. User Manual x 1

male adult toys

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 26.3 × 13.6 cm

Black, Customized Logo/Color


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