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Using a Masturbation Cup can be a normal and healthy part of one’s lifestyle, providing plenty of beneficial effects for the body. However, for those with certain medical issues, such as high heart rate or blood pressure, some effects of sexual activity may be a concern. While the internet can be a source of worrying information, taking a deeper look at the data may reveal a less alarming reality.

Using a male masturbator cup, like any mild to moderate physical activity, can cause your heart rate to rise. In fact, sexual activity with a realistic male masturbator is equivalent to swiftly walking or climbing two flights of stairs, in terms of cardiovascular exercise! If you can engage in this level of physical activity without any adverse effects on your health, then it’s likely you can masturbate without issue.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, our realistic male masturbator device will satisfy you. We also provide the best male masturbator currently.

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