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The Future of Vibrator Technology

As vibrator technology continues to evolve, it is clear that the future of these devices will be shaped by several key trends. In this section, we will explore some of the most exciting developments in the field of vibrator technology and consider what they might mean for the future of the industry.

Greater Customization and Personalization

One of the most significant trends in vibrator technology is the move toward greater customization and personalization. Many of the latest devices feature advanced settings that allow users to adjust the intensity, pattern, and even the shape of the vibration to suit their individual preferences. As technology continues to improve, it is likely that we will see even more sophisticated customization options becoming available as manufacturers seek to cater to the diverse needs and desires of their customers.

Integration with Other Technologies

Another important trend in the world of vibrator technology is the increasing integration of these devices with other technologies. For example, some vibrators now come equipped with Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, allowing users to control their device remotely or even sync it with music or other media. Similarly, we are also seeing more and more vibrators that incorporate sensors or other smart features, allowing them to respond dynamically to changes in the user’s body or environment. This kind of integration opens up new possibilities for exploration and experimentation and could lead to a whole new generation of connected, interactive vibrators.

Advances in Materials and Design

As vibrator technology continues to evolve, we are also seeing exciting developments in the materials and design of these devices. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards more sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Such as medical-grade silicone, and towards more ergonomic, user-friendly designs. This has resulted in a new wave of vibrators that are not only more environmentally conscious but also more comfortable, durable, and effective than ever before.

Greater Accessibility and Inclusivity

Finally, as vibrator technology continues to mature, we are seeing a growing emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity. Manufacturers are increasingly designing their devices to cater to a wider range of bodies, needs, and preferences, with features such as adjustable sizes, shapes, and vibration patterns. Similarly, there is a growing awareness of the importance of accessibility features for users with disabilities or mobility issues, and we are seeing more and more vibrators that incorporate these features, such as easy-to-use controls, voice activation, or compatibility with assistive technologies.

Overall, it is clear that the future of vibrator technology is bright, with exciting new innovations and developments on the horizon. Whether you are a seasoned vibrator user or a newcomer to the world of sexual technology, there has never been a better time to explore the many exciting possibilities that these devices have to offer.

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How To Make Yourself Squirt

Learning how to make yourself squirt can be a fun adventure in self-pleasure! It gives you the opportunity to get to know your body more intimately and maybe discover a new way to experience pleasure!

How to make yourself squirt

Being able to squirt or not doesn’t say anything about the quality or your sex life or ability to enjoy sex, but exploring whether or not your body can do it can help you learn about what brings you pleasure!

Here’s everything I’ll cover in this complete guide to squirting:

  • The quick and squirty guide to making yourself squirt
  • How to make yourself squirt: Step-by-step instructions
    • How to prepare for squirting
    • Different ways to make yourself squirt
      • G-spot stimulation
      • Clitoral stimulation
      • Dual stimulation
  • Top tips for squirting
  • What is squirting and can everyone do it?

The quick and squirty guide to making yourself squirt

Running man fingering technique
  1. Create a relaxing environment and put some towels or a waterproof sex blanket down on your bed.
  2. Empty your bladder to help you feel more at ease when it comes to squirting.
  3. Get yourself turned on by fantasising or enjoying some audio erotica or ethical porn and spend some time on sensual foreplay.
  4. Start with some gentle g-spot, clitoral, or dual stimulation to allow your arousal to build gradually.
  5. Slowly increase the intensity, paying attention to any sensations that feel like you might need to pee — warmth, tingling, or pressure, and lean into them. Try to keep your pelvic floor muscles relaxed.
  6. As you climax, push down slightly into your pelvic floor.
  7. If you don’t squirt, try exploring multiple orgasm.
  8. Whether you squirt or not, take a minute to relax and enjoy all the pleasurable sensations in your body!

Next, I’m going to take you through each step in a lot more detail to give you all the info you need about for your squirting journey! As well as covering all the different squirting techniques in detail, I’ll also share my favorite sex toys, so you can learn how to squirt with a vibrator or dildo!

How to make yourself squirt: Step-by-step instructions

Now to the fun part! Trying to squirt can be a great way to unlock new pleasure and get to know your body more intimately regardless of whether you squirt or not.

It’s also really important not to put too much pressure on yourself! Not only will it take the fun out of the experience, but it can also reduce your chances of squirting as it takes you out of the moment and distracts you from what you are feeling.

I highly recommend learning how to squirt while masturbating rather than with a partner as there is much less pressure and you really tune into the fine sensations you feel in your body.

How to prepare for squirting

1. Set the scene

Find some time to dedicate to self pleasure, when you aren’t rushed and don’t have any distractions.

Prepare your space with something to protect your bed. I can highly recommend the Liberator Fascinator waterproof throw — it has made my life so much easier! If you don’t have a waterproof blanket, grab some old towels. You’ll want to layer a few together just in case!

Grab whichever sex toys you want to use and some lubrication.

2. Empty your bladder

When you squirt, it can feel like you need to urinate, but it’s important to give into that feeling rather than hold it back like we are used to.

Emptying your bladder can help you feel more comfortable letting go and leaning into that sensation.

The liquid you release when you squirt does come from the bladder, but a 2015 study showed that it enters the bladder just before it happens, so emptying it ensures it’s only this liquid that is released.

3. Spend some time getting aroused

The more aroused you are, the easier it will be, so really indulge in all the things that turn you on. Here are some suggestions to get you going:

  • Explore your whole body with sensual touch and take time stimulating your most sensitive erogenous zones.
  • Listen to some erotic audio stories.
  • Watch some ethical, feminist porn — has a great selection!
  • Give yourself a sensual vaginal massage.

Different ways to make yourself squirt

While g-spot stimulation seems to be the most common and well known squirting trigger, it isn’t the only one! Some people can also squirt from clitoral stimulation or a a combination of the two, so I’ll go over the different ways below.

Finding out what does it for you is going to be trial and error, but that just means you get to masturbate more and that’s a win-win in my books!

Corrine shares her squirting technique on OMGYes

OMGYes did the research on Squirting and found that vulva owners use a range of techniques to squirt with G-spot stimulation being the most popular but clitoral and anal stimulation coming up as well!

Their course has a whole module on squirting including real life demonstrations from women showing the techniques they use. Plus, a section on how to bring those techniques into the bedroom with a partner.

Next up, I’ll take you step-by-step through three different ways you can make yourself squirt!

How to make yourself squirt with G-spot stimulation

Many vulva owners find that intense G-spot stimulation can lead to squirting. This could be due to the G-spot’s location near to the bladder and urethral sponge.

Rather than being a distinct thing in and of itself, it’s highly likely that the G-spot feels good when stimulated because you are actually stimulating the internal clitoral structure. This also means that everyone’s G-spot is in a slightly different area, so you will need to take a little time to find yours.

1. Find your G-spot

In general, the G-spot is found an inch or two inside the vagina on the front wall. Take a well lubricated finger or two a curved sex toy and start exploring the front wall of your vagina for a spot that feels particularly sensitive or gives you the feeling you need to pee. Don’t be afraid of this, it’s actually a good indicator that you are in the right place.

If you need a little more guidance, check out this complete guide on how to find your G-spot.

2. Explore different movements and pressure

Most people find they need relatively strong stimulation to squirt, so you can try applying a little pressure but only as feels good. You can try stroking in a come hither motion, massaging, tapping, or circling.

Discover different squirting techniques Lola Jean, who actually holds the world record for the most amount squirted, so she really knows her stuff!

The Beducated Squirting Course covers everything you could ever want to know about squirting, including anatomy lessons and demonstrations of different techniques!

3. Take your time

Some people find that they need a lot of time and stimulation to squirt so really try to enjoy the ride and pay attention to all the sensations you feel along the way! You might find that as you get more aroused, you crave a little more pressure and speed, but just follow what feels good for you!

Using a firm G-spot dildo can make it easier to get the firm stimulation you need without your wrist cramping up.

4. The climax

As you feel your orgasm building, you might also feel the need to pee and this is actually a very good sign and could signal you are ready to squirt. Instead of tensing up and holding it in as you usually would, you can start paying attention to how that actually feels.

If you want to know more about the different squirting triggers, check out School of Squirt’s Squirting Triggers 2.0 course! The course uses some pretty vigorous techniques and is the language is a little misogynistic in places, so if you prefer something gentler, check out Beducated or OMGYes!

You can read Edwina’s full review of Squirting Triggers 2.0 to see if it’s the right course for you!

Try to notice what specific sensations you feel in your body and lean into them and let them build. When you feel on the verge of peeing, try to relax your pelvic floor or even push down slightly.

5. Multiple magic

If you climax but don’t experience squirting, you can also try to continue stimulating yourself as some people only squirt after they have already climaxed.

If you are too sensitive after you’ve already orgasmed, you can either take a little break and stimulate some other areas of your body until you are ready to go again or just enjoy the post-orgasmic bliss and call it a day!

The best tools G-spot tools for making yourself squirt

The best G-spot toys will have either a bulbed tip, a curved tip or both to help direct the stimulation to front wall of your vagina without straining your wrists!

Rigid materials like firm silicone, stainless steel, or glass are also great for squirting as they can provide more intense, deeper stimulation.

Here are my favorite G-spot vibrators for exploring squirting…

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The Best Ways to Eat Pussy

What works, what hurts and how to make her cum – great tips from someone with a vulva.

Knowing the best way to eat pussy is a skill all vulva lovers should have.

The Best Ways to Eat Pussy

So, whether you’re a beginner or someone with experience, I’ve gathered the best tips, tricks and techniques for pleasuring a pussy.

That way, you can learn from the beginning or add to your mad oral sex skills.

Plus, I’ve added quotes from real vulva owners with different likes and dislikes, so you can see how each partner may differ.

Best Ways to Eat Pussy / Oral Sex Skills– The Quickie

  • Pleasuring her orally is a great prelude to sex as well as being the easiest way to make her cum.
  • The female genitalia are unique, complicated and teaming with nerve endings. As a matter of fact, the clitoris alone has more than 8,000 nerve endings in the tip alone.
  • Eating pussy starts long before her clothing comes off, as arousal begins with her mind.
  • Be sure and tease her entire body before diving in and touching her clitoris.
  • Once you do begin pleasuring her orally, use your tongue – softly, pointed and flat – as well as your lips.
  • Pussies smell no differently than your junk, and she’s more concerned about that than you are!
  • Each partner will respond differently to each type of touch, lick and suck you try. Therefore, be sure and pay attention to her cues.
  • The best positions for eating pussy are Missionary, Queening, 69 and others.
  • Most importantly, focus on her pleasure, rather than the end game.

Specific tips and techniques you can use:

  1. Clitoral stimulation:
    • Use your tongue in circular motions around the clitoris.
    • Gently suck or flick the clitoral hood.
    • Experiment with different levels of pressure and speed.
    • Create a rhythmic pattern that your partner enjoys.
  2. G-spot stimulation:
    • Insert one or two fingers into the vagina and curl them upward toward the front vaginal wall.
    • Apply firm but gentle pressure and use a “come hither” motion to stimulate the G-spot.
    • Communicate with your partner to find the right level of pressure and rhythm.
  3. Combination techniques:
    • Combine clitoral and G-spot stimulation simultaneously for enhanced pleasure.
    • Use your tongue on the clitoris while using your fingers inside the vagina.
    • Vary the techniques to keep the sensations exciting.
  4. Licking and kissing:
    • Lick the labia and the area around the clitoris with broad, flat strokes.
    • Use your lips to kiss and suck gently on the outer and inner labia.
  5. Fingering:
    • Use your fingers to penetrate gently while continuing oral stimulation.
    • Explore different depths and angles based on your partner’s comfort and feedback.
  6. Pay attention to the entire area:
    • Don’t focus solely on the clitoris; explore the entire genital area, including the inner thighs and perineum.
    • Use your hands and mouth to stimulate different erogenous zones.
  7. Teasing and edging:
    • Build anticipation by alternating between intense stimulation and gentler, teasing touches.
    • Edge your partner by bringing them close to orgasm and then slowing down to prolong the experience.
  8. Be responsive and communicative:
    • Continuously check in with your partner for feedback on what feels best.
    • Encourage open communication to create a comfortable and pleasurable experience for both partners.

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The Ultimate Guide to Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoris is the only organ in the body that exists purely for pleasure. So, let’s take a look at the Guide to Clitoral Orgasm, shall we?

Guide to Clitoral Orgasm

For everyone and anyone looking to learn more about the wonder of a clitoral orgasm, you’ve come to the right place. This is your comprehensive guide on all things related to this embodied phenomenon of pleasure. If you’re a clitoris owner or a lover of one, you’re in for a treat.

We’re about to embark on a journey of learning the basics of clitoris anatomy and debunking popular myths about vaginal orgasms. I will also give you some of my favorite tips and tricks on how to caress and stimulate a clitoris towards a beautiful clitoral orgasm!

Table of Contents

  • What is a Clitoral Orgasm?

– What Does a Clitoral Orgasm Feel Like?

– What Happens During a Clitoral Orgasm?

  • The Clitoral Structure

– The Myth of Two Different Kinds of Orgasms: Vaginal VS Clitoral

– The Difference Between a Clitoral Orgasm and a G-spot Orgasm

  • Different Ways to Stimulate the Clitoris

– External Stimulation

– Internal Stimulation

What is a Clitoral Orgasm?

A clitoral orgasm is the kind of delicious orgasm that, you guessed it, results from stimulating the clitoris. The clitoris that we all know and love is that small, sensitive organ located at the top of the vulva. Of course, there’s much more to the clitoris than meets the eye, but we’ll get back to that! The clitoral glans that most of us are familiar with as the clitoris is completely packed with nerve endings – about 8,000 to be precise, which is twice as many as the penis. As a result, it’s an absolute powerhouse of pleasure. When these nerve endings are stimulated to the owner’s liking, they can produce intense, pleasurable sensations that can lead to orgasm.

What Does a Clitoral Orgasm Feel Like?

A lot of you may be plenty familiar with the lovely experience of having a clitoral orgasm. But let’s break it down for anybody who hasn’t and is still curious. Keep in mind that this experience is very different from person to person. Although, everyone can agree that the overall experience is… pretty dang good.

As with most sexual stimulation, it all starts with arousal. Of course, this can happen independently of the physical stimulation. However, once the physical stimulation of the clitoris sets in, it’s this arousal that grows and gradually builds up with your movements.

Heightened sensitivity and arousal along with the stimulation builds up as this pleasurable pressure in the pelvic region. Tipping over the edge toward orgasm will have those sensations intensify!

Some people describe the orgasm itself as a wave of pleasure. Delightful pulsations or contractions in your core send ripples of pleasure throughout the body. This leaves most people with a sense of release and euphoria.

What Happens During a Clitoral Orgasm?

Your body goes through several changes during a clitoral orgasm. Your heart rate and blood pressure increase. The pupils may dilate, and you may experience involuntary muscle contractions in the pelvic area. Your body releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, which can lead to feelings of happiness and relaxation.

The Clitoral Structure

Alright, let’s return to the (very important) anatomy of the clitoris! The clitoris is quite a complex structure. We’re just not able to see it with the naked eye! The visible part of the clitoris, the “glans” or the “head”, is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also a clitoral hood (basically the vulva equivalent of the foreskin), which protects the sensitive glans. The clitoral body itself extends inside the body and splits into two legs or crura. The vaginal opening is nestled right under or between these legs. So, when we’re talking about internal sweet spots, we’re most likely talking about the internal structure of the clitoris being stimulated from within! The big reveal: the G-spot is just another part of the clitoris!

The Myth of Two Different Kinds of Orgasms: Vaginal VS Clitoral
Understanding the full anatomy of the clitoris, helps us understand the misconceptions about the different kinds of orgasms out there.

There’s a common myth that there are two different kinds of orgasms: vaginal and clitoral. But the truth is, most orgasms are clitoral orgasms. The clitoris is the primary source of female sexual pleasure and is involved in most types of orgasms.

What is often referred to as a “vaginal orgasm” often has to do with stimulating the G-spot. Well, we know that the G-spot is just the clitoris. So, they technically aren’t two separate kinds of orgasms.

The “Difference” Between a Clitoral Orgasm and a G-spot Orgasm
Okay, we’ve established that a g-spot orgasm or vaginal orgasm is essentially the same thing as a clitoral orgasm. So, how can there still be a difference there? Well, most people find that they feel different. While the clitoris is being stimulated during both kinds of orgasms, it is being stimulated in different ways and in different areas. Rubbing the clitoral glans which is packed with nerves, will feel different from internal stimulation of the crura or bulbs.

All in all, the types of stimulation and sensations vary. While the clitoris is the star of the show, the show can look very different depending on which side of the audience you’re on. A “clitoral orgasm” typically results from direct stimulation of the clitoris, either externally or internally, and is often described as more intense and focused. A “g-spot orgasm”, on the other hand, results from stimulation of the g-spot and is often described as deeper and more spread out.

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How to Give Her a Shaking Orgasm

Learn about a shaking orgasm, what it is, and how to make her shake with pleasure.

How to Give Her a Shaking Orgasm

Do you want to know how to give her a shaking orgasm? Well, you have come to the right place!

I have experienced shaking orgasms many times. So, I am here to teach you what a shaking orgasm is and how you can help your partner to experience one.

The Shaking Orgasm Quickie

  • A shaking orgasm is the body’s response to tensed muscles during an incredibly amazing sex session.
  • Shaking orgasms are not just a she thing – they are he and they things too!
  • There are several ways to give her a shaking orgasm including building up her arousal slowly, knowing how to pleasure her orally, making her shake with fingering techniques, and having sex.
  • Knowing how to give her a shaking orgasm may also help her to squirt.

What is a Shaking Orgasm?

What is a shaking orgasm? The answer to that is; an orgasm that results in shaking of the legs, arms or other parts of the body.

However, a shaking orgasm is less of an actual type of orgasm and more of a symptom resulting from a good orgasm. And when I say “really good”, I mean earth-shattering, headboard-banging, wake-the-neighbors kinda orgasm that you never forget.

So, since a shaking orgasm is the symptom of an incredible climax, what causes the shaking? Let’s find out!

What Causes a Shaking Orgasm?

So, what causes the shaking during and after an orgasm? Simply put, it’s the release of tension, which is built up in the muscles during mind-blowing sex.

For instance, have you ever climbed a huge flight of stairs and felt your legs shake afterward? Or, have you started a new workout regimen and experienced quivering muscles during or after?

If you answered yes, then you understand exactly how a shaking orgasm works.

Therefore, during sex, you and your partner are getting into all sorts of positions and you’re stimulating one another in ways that tense the body in preparation for release – aka, an orgasm. So, the more you build things up, before release, the better chance you have of experiencing a shaking orgasm.

Can All People Have Shaking Orgasms?

Shaking orgasms aren’t exclusive to any particular sex. People born male and female can experience shaking orgasms as well as those who are trans and non-binary.

So, if you can have an orgasm, you can experience a shaking orgasm! It just takes the right kind of buildup and sexual stimulation for your body.

How Can I Give Her a Shaking Orgasm?

Okay, so you may have seen this type of orgasm while watching porn, and now want to know how to give her a shaking orgasm. But first, let’s clear up a few things when it comes to porn.

Not unlike movies and television programs, porn is acting. That is unless you are watching amateur, homemade porn.

In that case, you’re likely watching something that isn’t scripted. However, porn films, with paid actors are scripted with a lot of cutting and fake scenes.

Therefore, some shaking orgasms portrayed in pornographic films could very well be faked. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to make her have a shaking orgasm.

A real one, rather than one created for entertainment purposes.

I have had a great deal of experience with shaking orgasms as I am lucky enough to have a partner who knows exactly how to do things to me that result in earth-shattering, shaking-from-head-to-toe climaxes.

So, what do you need to know to learn how to give her a shaking orgasm? Building up her arousal, slowly.

How to Give Her a Shaking Orgasm

F*cking and the Shaking Orgasm

The next best way to give her a shaking orgasm is to f*ck her like you never have before. And the trick here is to prolong sex and put that orgasm off as long as possible.

You see, the more positions you use, the more strain is put on different areas of her body. For instance, the doggy-style position has her bearing her weight on her arms and legs.

Therefore, if you’ve done your job and slowly inched up her arousal, excited her erogenous zones, and teased, licked, and fingered her pussy, this position will not only get her off but most likely will give her a shaking orgasm.

In addition, positions like the cowgirl will place tension on her legs, bottom, and tummy. Even the missionary position does the same. Therefore, if you’ve worked her body into a sexual frenzy and spent hours – not minutes – exciting every inch of her, you will be rewarded with a shaking orgasm.

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DIY Anal Sex Toys – 8 Homemade Ideas to Try Today

DIY anal sex toys aren’t something you think about until you’re horny, a finger just isn’t cutting it and there isn’t a butt plug to be found. Furthermore, waiting on an online order takes days.

Either way, when the mood strikes for a little anal play, some people start scanning the house for makeshift anal sex toys. But before you do that, check out these DIY anal sex toy projects that you can create with things around your house.

The 8 ways of creating your Anal Sex Toys

  • Hairbrush DIY Anal Sex Toy
  • Flexible Sink Plunger
  • Drain Plunger
  • Medical Gloves
  • Homemade Anal Beads
  • DIY Screwdriver
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • DIY Butt Plug

Warning: Homemade Anal Sex Toys

Before you go and slip any household item into your back door, please be aware of the dangers of homemade anal sex toys! Anything that isn’t manufactured specifically for anal insertion comes with risks of injury, infection and in rare cases death.

Therefore, I ALWAYS recommend using your finger, a penis, or a store-bought sex toy. Check our review of the best anal toys here.

I understand that ordering a sex toy online can take days or weeks before delivery. But before making a DIY anal sex toy, consider these options for obtaining a butt plug, vibrator, or dildo with one quick shopping trip. Here are places that carry sex toys:

  • Drug stores now carry a limited selection of lubes, sensual lotions, vibrators, and more.
  • Big box stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Meijer carry a small selection of intimate toys.
  • Novelty stores, like Spencer’s, carry sex toys and other sexy accessories.
  • Lingerie and “romance” shops carry a comprehensive selection of sex toys for every hole and sensitive spot.
  • Adult bookstores and XXX-rated shops also carry a full line of sex toy

Most importantly, know that the people who work in these shops won’t remember you or what you purchased 5 minutes after you leave; I have proof in this blog post.

DIY Anal Sex Toys Safety

DIY anal sex toys are an extremely common thing, especially for young people and those who are too embarrassed to enter a lingerie or sex shop. So, being the mothering type I am, I would much rather share a safer way to create DIY sex toys than imagine folks sticking any ole thing into their butt.

Again; finger, penis, or sex toy first! I do not recommend homemade sex toys. But if you must, watch for pain, bleeding, sores, itching, rash, and gosh forbid, losing a toy inside your rectum.

If anything like this happens, call a doctor or seek help at an emergency room immediately! We are talking about an important bodily system that you need to eliminate waste. You don’t want to injure or destroy that system simply because you needed back-door sexy time.

Step-By-Step Homemade Anal Sex Toys

Now that I have gotten the safety concerns out of the way, now we can talk about step-by-step, homemade, anal sex toys. But first, here are a few things that you should have on hand that makes DIY anal toys much safer:

  • Condoms
  • Padding like cotton balls, sponges, and gauze pads
  • Good, strong duct tape like Gorilla or Flextape
  • A homemade anal toy base (for fruits and veggies)

Now, here are some of the best ideas for DIY anal sex toys crafted from ordinary household items.

Hairbrush DIY Anal Sex Toy

Homemade hairbrush sex toy, photo of a hairbrush, sponge, tape and condom.
1: Gather a rounded-handle hairbrush, a thick sponge, duct tape, a condom, and scissors.

Most everyone has a hairbrush around the house – and if you don’t, it’s not cool to borrow one belonging to a roommate, sibling, or parent, EW! But, with a few easy additions to your brush, you can create a DIY anal toy. Here is everything you need to create your hairbrush toy:


  • Hairbrush with a rounded handle
  • Thick sponge
  • Strong, duct tape
  • Condom
  • Scissors
DIY anal sex toys hairbrush, step 2 photo of a hairbrush handle being traced onto a sponge
2: Trace the top half of the hairbrush onto the sponge using a marker.

How to made an anal toy from a hairbrush. Step 3 photo of an area being cut from a sponge with scissors.
3: Cut the traced area out with scissors.

DIY anal sex toy from a hairbrush, photo of the small sponge piece being cut with scissors.
4: Cut a line in the center of the sponge piece about 3/4 of the way up.

DIY anal sex toy made from a hairbrush ,photo of a small sponge piece being added to the end of the hairbrush handle.
5: Open the piece of sponge and cover the end of the brush handle to create a more rounded tip.

DIY anal sex toy made from a hairbrush, photo of a piece of sponge taped to the end of the brush handle.
6: Secure the sponge piece to the brush handle using duct tape.

DIY anal sex toy from a hairbrush, photo of the hairbrush handle covered with a condom.
7: Cover the handle of the hairbrush with a condom. Be sure and hold on to the opening of the condom when using the hairbrush as an anal sex toy.

It is very similar to an anal dildo

Flexible Sink Plunger DIY Anal Sex Toy

DIY anal sex toy from an accordion plunger, photo of a blue accordion plunger, sand paper and a condom.
1: Gather the accordion-style plunger, sandpaper, and a condom.

Flexible sink plungers make a great anal sex toy with interesting shapes and a solid foundation. Plus, the wide, flexible bottom makes it easy to maneuver and you can straddle it while on a flat, firm surface. Here are the instructions to make your own:


  • Accordion-style sink or drain plunger
  • Sandpaper
  • Condom
DIY anal sex toys, photo of the handle of an accordion style sink plunger after sand paper has been used to smooth the seams.
2: Use sandpaper to smooth out any seams that could scratch or puncture the condom.

DIY anal sex toys, photo of a blue accordion style sink plunger with a condom covering the handle.
3: Cover the handle of the plunger with a condom.

This can be used as an awesome prostate massager with its bulbous head.

Drain Plunger Homemade Anal Sex Toy

DIY anal toys, making a toy from a sink plunger. Photo of a sink plunger, large sponge, duct tape and a condom.

Drain plungers are smaller cousins to toilet plungers. They have a strong suction base with a shorter, wooden handle. And, if you happen to have one around the house, with a few safety tweaks, you can make a DIY, hands-free anal toy you can stick to the floor, wall, or piece of furniture. Here is how to make it:


  • Short-handled drain plunger
  • Thick sponge
  • Strong, duct tape
  • Condom
  • Kitchen knife
DIY anal sex toys, making a toy from a sink plunger. Photo of a large, blue sponge with a kitchen knife cutting a slit in the bottom.
2: Cut a slit on the bottom of a large, thick sponge using a sharp kitchen knife. Be careful!

3: Work the knife into the sponge cutting 3/4 of the way up. Twist the knife carefully to form a small hole.

DIY anal sex toys, plunger toy. Photo of a blue sponge covering the handle of a sink plunger.
4: Slide the sponge over the plunger handle, leaving a couple of inches on top to cushion the tip.

DIY anal sex toys made from a sink plunger, Photo of a sink plunger with a large sponge covering the handle and scissors being used to trim off the excess sponge on either side.
5: Using scissors, trim the excess sponge from around the handle, leaving 1.5″ to 2″ on each side for cushioning.

DIY anal sex toys using a plunger. Photo of a sponge covering a plunger handle and secured at the bottom using duct tape.
6: Secure the bottom of the sponge to the plunger handle using strong, duct tape.

DIY anal sex toys using a plunger. Photo of a small, sink plunger with the handle covered by a sponge and condom.
7: Place a condom at the tip of the plunger handle and roll it down to cover the entire sponge. Now you can use the sink plunger as a hands-free, anal sex toy.

DIY Anal Sex Toy Using Medical Gloves

DIY anal sex toys using a medical glove. Photo of a black medical glove and a bag of cotton balls.
1: You’ll need a medical glove and cotton balls to make this homemade anal sex toy.

These days, it seems most of us have a box of medical gloves around the house. Did you know you could make a DIY anal sex toy from medical gloves? You can by following these directions:


  • 1 latex-free medical glove
  • Bag of cotton balls
DIY anal sex toys with medical gloves, photo of cotton balls being placed into the fingers of a black medical glove.
2: Begin stuffing each finger with the cotton balls.

DIY anal sex toys made from a medical glove. Photo showing a chop stick being used to pack cotton balls into the finger of a black medical glove.
3: Be sure and stuff each finger of the glove till it is firmly packed with cotton. It may help to use a pen or the dull end of a chopstick (as pictured) to press the cotton more easily.

Homemade anal sex toys using a medical glove. Photo of a black medical glove with all fingers stuffed with cotton balls.
4: Once each finger of the glove is packed firmly with cotton, begin filling the palm of the glove.

Homemade anal sex toys from gloves. Photo of a black medical glove stuffed with cotton balls.
5: Pack the palm of the glove firmly with cotton balls so that the fingers remain full and tight.

Homemade anal sex toys using a glove. Photo of a black medical glove, filled with cotton with the opening tied in a knot.
6: Tie the end of the medical glove in a knot the way you would tire a balloon.

Homemade anal sex toys using medical gloves. Tips: Medical gloves are hypoallergenic and come in different sizes. Here are a size extra-small and small medical gloves. You can also make the fingers bumpy for added stimulation.

Homemade Anal Beads

BIY anal beads. Photo of a bag of children's plastic stringing beads and a package of red, nylon rope.
1: To make homemade anal beads gather nylon rope and beads with holes through the center made from glass, finished wood, or plastic. These are children’s BPA-free, non-toxic, plastic beads.

Anal beads are one of the most underrated anal sex toys out there.

Their shape and flexibility allow them to gather around the prostate with a unique and stimulating massage.

Then, when pulled out at the moment of climax, they create mind-blowing sensations.

Here is everything you need to know to make your homemade anal beads:


  • Wooden, glass, or plastic beads with holes for stringing
  • Coated cotton or nylon cord
2: Choose rounded or oblong rounded beads for comfort. Here, I have chosen 5 beads that are both round and oblong.

Homemade anal beads. Photo of 5 plastic beads strong on red rope to measure the proper length before cutting the rope.
3: String the beads leaving a couple of inches between each bead. Then measure out about 6 additional inches on the end then cut the nylon rope. You’ll need enough excess rope on the end to tie a safety loop.

4: Tie a knot on the end of the rope so the end bead will not slip off. You may need to tie a double knot depending on the size of the hole in your chosen beads. Once the knot is tied, pull down on the bead to make sure the knot doesn’t slip through. Next, remove the rest of the beads and tie a knot 2 inches in front of the first bead.

DIY anal beads. photo of 5 plastic beads strung on red nylon rope with knots tied in between each bead.
5: Continue adding beads with knots in between until the final bead. Secure it in place with a knot.

6: Next, double the end of the rope to make a loop and tie it in a secure knot as if you were tying a balloon. The loop should be big enough to fit around several fingers.

7: If you use a nylon cord or rope, you can lightly burn the ends of the rope to prevent fraying.

Other types of anal beads like Vibrating anal beads.

They also come in a variety of different materials such as Metal anal beads, Glass anal beads, and most popular Silicone anal beads. You can also get them in different sizes, and choose between either Large anal beads, Small anal beads, or Long anal beads.

DIY Screwdriver Anal Sex Toy

Homemade anal sex toy screwdriver, photo of a long screwdriver with a rounded, rubber handle, a bar of soap and a condom.
1: Find a long screwdriver with a rounded, soft handle, a bar of soap, and a condom to make a DIY anal sex toy.

Want to make a DIY anal toy but don’t know where to start? Head to your toolbox! Longer screwdrivers with rounded handles make great anal sex toys. All you need are some household supplies to make it a little safer and more comfortable. Here’s what you need:


  • Long screwdriver with a rounded handle
  • Bar of soap
  • Condom
DIY anal sex toy screwdriver, photo of a long screwdriver with a rounded handle stuck through the center of a bar of soap.
2: Push the end of the screwdriver through the center of the soap.

Homemade anal sex toys made with a screwdriver. Photo of a long screwdriver stuck into a bar of soap with a condom over the handle.
3: Place a condom over the handle of the screwdriver. Slide the soap up the rod of the screwdriver and hold it under the soap when using to prevent the handle from slipping too far inside.

Homemade Anal Sex Toy Base for Fruits and Vegetables

DIY anal sex toys vegetables, photo showing lids, j-bolts, nuts and washers to create a safety base.
DIY anal sex toys using fruits and vegetables can be made safer by building a DIY anal sex toy base using lids, j-bolts, nuts and washers. Shown are the supplies to make a short and long sex toy base.

When you think about homemade sex toys, the first thing that usually comes to mind is food. Yes, several fruits and veggies offer a phallic shape, perfect for insertion. But how can you make them into a safer anal sex toy? You can do so by building a flared base to keep the produce from getting lost in your rectum.

DIY anal sex toys. photo of firm vegetables carrots, fingerling potatoes, cucumbers and squash.
Choose vegetables or fruits with firm centers and thick skins such as fingerling potatoes, carrots, corn on the cob, cucumbers, or squash. Never use bananas as the center is far too soft.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to make a DIY anal sex toy base for fruits and vegetables:


  • Small, plastic lid
  • Drill
  • J-bolts in various lengths
  • 2 matching size nuts
  • 2 matching size washers
  • Box cutter, Exacto-knife

Short DIY Anal Sex Toy Base

1: To make a DIY anal sex toy base for fruits and vegetables, find a lid with a straw hole in the center. Or you can use a solid lid with a hole cut in the center. Screw the nut onto the j-bolt followed by the washer. Next, slide the j-bolt through the hole in the lid.

DIY anal sex toy base for fruits and vegetables. Photo of a blue, screw on lid with a straw hole in the center and a j-bolt stuck through the hole.

2: Screw washer then the nut onto the j-bolt on the other side of the lid.

3: When using this DIY anal sex toy base, screw on firm, shorter vegetables or fruits by pressing firmly and twisting in a clockwise motion. Just remember, “righty tightly, lefty loosey.”

DIY anal sex toy base tip: Always cover your veggies with a condom!

DIY Anal Sex Toy Vegetables Long Safety Base

DIY anal sex toy base for longer vegetables. Photo of a plastic lid, 7" long j-bolt, 2 washers and 2 nuts.
1: To make a DIY anal sex toy vegetable base, you’ll need a small, plastic lid, a long j-bolt (7″ bolt shown), and 2 each matching washers and nuts.

Homemade anal sex toys, photo of a plastic lid with an X drawn in the center.
2: draw a small X in the center of the plastic lid and cut the X with a sharp knife or box cutter. Be sure and make the X very small so it will hold the bolt firmly.

DIY anal sex toys, photo of a 7 inch J bolt sticking through a plastic lid.
3: Screw the nut onto the j-bolt as far down as it will go. Place the washer on the bolt then slide the bolt through the center of the plastic lid.

DIY anal sex toys, making a vegetable base. Photo of a plastic lid with a j-bolt through the middle tightened with a washer and nut on both sides of the lid.
4: Place the washer on the top side of the plastic lid. Then, screw the nut onto the j-bolt and tighten it.

DIY anal sex toys using vegetables. Photo of a large cucumber on a DIY anal sex toy safety base.
5: Choose a vegetable or fruit with a thick rind and firm core. Press the end of the vegetable against the j-bolt and turn in a clockwise motion until it rests against the plastic lid. Be sure you have the vegetable centered and the bolt does not pierce the side of the vegetable. If it does, flip the veggie over and try again on the other end. Gently pull on the vegetable to be sure it is secure and won’t slip off.

Wooden Massager DIY Butt Plug

DIY anal sex toys, photo of a wooden massager tool with 4 different ends that can be used as a butt plug.
Massager or butt multi-tool? This makes a great DIY anal sex toy.

Looking for a small, prostate massager but don’t want to run out to your nearest adult shop?

You may have the perfect little anal plug hiding in a drawer. This wooden, hand-massager has 3 different sized nubs that are the perfect size for anal stimulation.

Plus, with it being a single piece, you don’t have to worry about it slipping inside.

You can also find several other wooden massager styles that can be used as DIY sex toys.

Just be sure and cover each little wooden nub with a condom.

DIY Anal Sex Toys Disclaimer

It’s a sad thing that this needs to be said, but some people just won’t take responsibility for their actions.

And although I have said time and time again that I do not recommend using homemade sex toys, I need to say this legal stuff.

This blog and all of its contents are for adults 18 and over – or the age of majority in other states, and countries. We are not responsible for anyone, under the age of 18 accessing this blog via any electronic means.

In other words, monitor what your kids are doing on the internet.

We, as the writers and owners of the Bed Bible webpage and blog, do not recommend the use of any of the above-listed DIY sex toy projects.

We recommend our readers always opt for, and use commercially manufactured sex toys. Furthermore, we are publishing these DIY anal sex toy projects strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Therefore, anyone who is associated with the Bed Bible blog (owners, webmasters, writers, service providers, and all others) is not liable for any injury, illness, embarrassment, inconvenience, or death caused by the making and using of any of the instructions or products listed on this blog page/publication including the sharing of this post which may be accessed via another page. This includes, but is not limited to:

Injury, illness, death to yourself or anyone in your immediate family, friends, acquaintances, and any costs due to injury, illness or death, medical treatment, hospitalization, death expenses, etc. Use the above at your own risk. You are full, 100% responsible if you choose to try any of the above.

Sorry folks, we have to say this to protect ourselves and you!

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How To Get a Bigger Penis

One of the most frequent questions asked by modern men is “How to make your penis bigger?”. There are plenty of rumors concerning this sensitive issue. There are a lot of misleading data thanks to a great number of spam letters and sites, that offer to buy corresponding medications or devices. In this article, we are going to discover the truth and finally find out, if it is possible to make the phallus larger.

bigger penis

Before we start, we want to stress once more that the length of the manhood thing is not that important for the pleasure during intercourse especially taking into account the position of the partners. Nevertheless, we desire to present you several methods and exercises, which might be useful for making the penis bigger.


This technique is a traditional way of penis enlargement, which has been used for centuries. For this method, you need tensioners and weights. It is also possible to use your own hands. Just keep stretching it slowly taking the tip. As a result, the muscle fibers get split. It works almost the same as the growth of the bodybuilder’s muscles when they rehabilitate themselves after training.

This method is doubtful, as information about its effectiveness is different on various resources. One of the most often claims is that the technique works slowly and takes time to come into effect.

Considering the efficiency of the method described, it is dubious. It is connected with the doubtful nature of the muscle repair theory, as it is built on their damage. What’s more, the phallus is not a muscle and it does not even contain them. Thus, such a method makes no sense from the biological point of view.


Medicines used for that are usually made of natural elements such as herbs, which are mixed to reach a certain effect. Their primary goal is the intensification of the blood current to the penile region. However, the pills might also contain various types of components, which are not regulated or tested. The research on the composition is poor, so their safety is dubious either. Besides, different side actions can occur in different people.

The effectiveness of pills for penis enlargement is not proven. We can even say they do not work. Thus, their popularity is based on a successful marketing strategy only.

Use a Penis Enlargement Pump

To use a penis enlargement pump, it is required to place the penis into a special pump that you can buy in the sex shop. Then let the air out, while the device will do the rest of the work for you based on physics.

The principle of this method is simple. It creates a vacuum around your phallus. As a result, the blood flow gets more intense, while the blood vessels and the corresponding cavernous bodies become expanded.

penis pump before and after

The effectiveness of such a method is disputable. On the one hand, the penis really becomes significantly bigger. On the other hand, the effect is temporal and lasts only while you are using a pump. When you take your manhood item out, it adopts the same form and size as before. There is no proof of any long-term effects of the pumping method. At the same time, such a technique is very advantageous for those, who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Such males can use a pump to make their penis bigger, then put on an erectile ring and remove a device before the ejaculation.

Thus, their phallus can stay in an erect state during the entire intercourse. There are a few other positive moments discovered by users of the method. Nevertheless, don’t forget that the prolonged application of rings or pumps might lead to serious problems. It is better to consult a doctor before their usage.


It is a procedure, which allows augmenting the size of a phallus. There are several kinds of operations, each of which is based on certain principles depending on the desired result. Consider some of them:

– fatty tissue transplantation (it can be taken from the other part of the body and applied to the penis shaft)

– disconnection of the supporting ligaments.

Both variants have drawbacks. As for the first one, it makes the penis look awkward, while the effect vanishes in about a year (as soon as the fat is fully metabolized). The second operation can add a few millimeters to the length. However, the problems with erection might stay and even develop.

Surgery can lead to incurred damage. Moreover, permanent enlargement after the procedures is not proven. Having observed possible risks, very few men are ready for the operation.

Considering the information presented above, we can say that there are no safe and effective ways to make a penis bigger. All of the techniques are connected with risks, while their effects are temporary. Some of the popular methods do not work at all. The only way to reach the desired result is to use a phallus ring. The latest can make the penis thicker, bigger, harder, and more sensitive. The effect is achieved by blocking the bloodstream in and out. The action of such a ring is not permanent but it is real and proved by many males all over the world.

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6 Reasons Why Masturbation Can Support Recovery

Benefits of masturbation: guide recovery through hormonal balance, and discover how masturbation Regulates hormonal balance.

Masturbation is a natural and personal aspect of human sexuality. While it may be a topic that some find uncomfortable to discuss openly, it’s essential to recognize that self-pleasure can have various positive impacts on one’s well-being, including aiding in the recovery process. In this article, we’ll explore six reasons why masturbation can contribute positively to the recovery journey.

Stress Reduction:

Engaging in masturbation triggers the release of endorphins, commonly known as the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. These endorphins act as natural stress relievers, promoting relaxation and helping to alleviate tension. For individuals navigating recovery from stress-inducing situations or seeking to manage anxiety, masturbation can be a healthy and accessible coping mechanism.

Improved Sleep Quality:

Recovery often involves establishing healthy routines, including a consistent sleep schedule. Masturbation can aid in promoting better sleep quality by inducing a state of relaxation and releasing hormones like oxytocin and prolactin, which contribute to feelings of calmness. Quality sleep is crucial for overall well-being and supports the body’s recovery processes.

Many of us have severely disrupted sleep cycles for a variety of reasons. One of them may be that we are going through one of the most painful periods of the 21st century. So don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has trouble falling asleep. Next time, though, don’t get stuck and try a vibrator: the magic wand puts you to sleep immediately, gives you deep sleep, and the long waves bring even greater benefits and regeneration!

Self-Exploration and Body Awareness:

Recovery is not just about overcoming challenges but also about reconnecting with oneself. Masturbation provides an opportunity for self-exploration, allowing individuals to better understand their bodies, preferences, and desires. This increased self-awareness can contribute positively to the recovery journey by fostering a sense of empowerment and self-acceptance.

Stress Hormone Regulation:

Engaging in sexual activities, including masturbation, has been linked to the regulation of stress hormones, such as cortisol. Chronic stress can have adverse effects on physical and mental health, and incorporating healthy sexual practices may assist in maintaining a balanced hormonal state, supporting overall well-being during the recovery process.

Pain Relief:
Masturbation has been associated with the release of endorphins, which not only elevate mood but also act as natural pain relievers. For individuals dealing with physical discomfort or pain as part of their recovery, the pleasurable sensations associated with masturbation may offer temporary relief, contributing to a more comfortable recovery experience.

Enhanced Mood and Emotional Well-Being:
The release of endorphins and other neurochemicals during masturbation can have a positive impact on mood and emotional well-being. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals in recovery who may face emotional challenges. Masturbation provides a healthy outlet for emotional expression, helping to stabilize mood and promote a positive mindset.

While discussions around masturbation may be sensitive, acknowledging its potential positive impacts on recovery is essential. It’s crucial to approach this topic with sensitivity and respect for individual preferences and boundaries. Ultimately, incorporating healthy sexual practices into one’s life can be a personal choice that contributes to overall well-being and enhances the recovery journey.

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Forced Orgasm | How It Feels and Why to Try It

The words “forced orgasm” don’t seem to go together. Yet, this practice exists, and while it may appear to be contrary at first glance, everything is completely consensual.

Forced Orgasm

In fact, forced orgasm refers to a BDSM activity that, at its core, is all about pleasure.

Yet, the same term “forced orgasm” is also used when referring to sexual assault. In this second situation, unwanted pleasure or even orgasm arises from non-consensual and unsolicited sexual stimulation. In this article, we will only discuss forced orgasm as a BDSM practice since, while sex has few rules. A fundamental one is that everything must be consensual. Meaning that all parties involved must agree to what is going on.

Forced orgasm can provide intense delights and can be integrated into many other sexual practices and can even incorporate sex toys like clit sucking vibrators.

What’s the Deal With Forced Orgasm?

If you’re wondering what’s the deal with forced orgasm, the answer is actually rather simple. Like in every other BDSM practice, there is a dominant and a submissive in this one as well. 

The dominant person seeks to offer the submissive orgasms. In most circumstances, ropes or handcuffs are also used to prevent the person experiencing the orgasm from resisting the stimulation.

Yet, because this is a perfectly consensual practice. The partners agree on a safe word to use when one of them wants the other to stop.

In this practice, the dominant might also use powerful vibrators, like the cheap sex toys from the Homisextoys collection. On the submissive to guarantee that the pleasure felt is overwhelming. In this manner, the submissive can reach orgasm (or multiple orgasms!).

How Does It Feel?

The way a forced orgasm feels varies greatly from person to person due to differences in sexual tastes as well as tolerance for both pleasure and pain.

When it comes to submissive women, the forced orgasm actually converts into a series of orgasms that occur one after the other. When there are several orgasms that seem to never stop, the pain might come into play. So it is critical to set up a safe word before beginning any BDSM-type sexual activity.

Several orgasms are not necessary on the table for guys, but rather these experiences translate into a delayed climax. If the dominant partner continues to stimulate the penis after the male orgasm. It might result in post-orgasm torture, which is not enjoyable. Here is where the power of a safe word comes into play once more.

Wrapping Up!

Forced orgasm, despite its name and the non-consensual situation to which it might also refer, is, in reality, a consensual BDSM activity with the primary goal of pleasure.

In contrast to typical orgasms, in this practice, the submissive participant usually has numerous orgasms with no gap in between or another form of denied orgasm. The practice can swiftly go from pleasure to pain, which is why it’s critical for partners to communicate so that the moment is actually memorable and full of delight.

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First Sex – 8 Tips for Women’s Empowering First Experiences

First sex for women, including first-time sex advice and an empowering experience, including using protection during first sex.

First Sex for women

The First sex for women sexual experience is a monumental milestone in one’s life, marked by a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Whether you’re a young woman embarking on your first intimate encounter or looking to enhance your first time, it’s essential to be informed and prepared. In this article, we’ll delve into eight tips for women to ensure a positive, safe, and empowering first sexual experience.

Prioritize Consent and Open Communication

The cornerstone of any sexual encounter is mutual consent and open dialogue. Ensure both you and your partner are comfortable and on the same page regarding having sex. Don’t hesitate to discuss your boundaries, desires, and any concerns you may have.

Safeguard with Protection

If you’re not ready for the possibility of pregnancy, it’s crucial to use protection. Condoms, in addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, are highly effective at safeguarding against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Make sure you have a reliable form of contraception in place.

Relax and Embrace the Moment

Pre-sex nervousness and anxiety are normal, so remember that it’s okay to feel this way. Try to relax, savor the moment, and engage in activities that make you comfortable and foster a deeper connection with your partner.

The Importance of Lubrication

Anxiety can sometimes result in a lack of natural lubrication, potentially leading to discomfort during sex. Consider using a water-based lubricant to ensure a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Embrace Foreplay and Exploration

Before proceeding to penetrative sex, engage in foreplay and exploration. This can help both you and your partner become more aroused and prepared for intercourse. Be attentive to each other’s desires and open to trying new experiences.

Remember: You Can Stop Anytime

If at any point during the sexual encounter, you feel uncomfortable, in pain, or simply wish to stop, communicate this to your partner. Consent is an ongoing process, and you have the absolute right to halt the activity at any time.

Post-Sex Hygiene

After the sexual encounter, it’s advisable to clean up. Proper hygiene can reduce the risk of infections or discomfort. Urinating after sex also helps prevent urinary tract infections.

Emotional Aftercare

First sexual experiences can be emotionally intense. Take time to discuss your feelings and thoughts with your partner afterward. Being emotionally present for each other can strengthen your connection and make the experience more memorable.

Your first sexual experience is a momentous event in your life. It’s perfectly normal to feel a range of emotions, from excitement to nervousness. What’s crucial is to prioritize open communication, consent, and all necessary precautions to ensure your physical and emotional well-being. By following these empowering tips, you can make your first sexual experience as safe, enjoyable, and memorable as possible, setting the stage for positive and fulfilling intimate encounters in the future.