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5 Tips Help You Find Your Sex Toys Manufacturer In China

China manufacturers of sex toys – professional Wholesale Sex Toys Manufacturer – professional OEM / ODM Sex Toys.

In the past year(the year 2020), due to the impact of the epidemic, home quarantine has become a normal state. In this context, the demand for Sex Toys has risen sharply, and the increase in demand has driven the rapid growth of the market. As business people, how to earn profits in this fast-growing sex toys market? How to get your best backup–Sex Toys Manufacturer?

The Sex Toys industry has its own characteristics. Its market is concentrated in Europe and America, but its manufacturing is concentrated in China. China’s export of Sex Toys accounts for about 80% of the global Sex Toys market share. By the end of 2020, there are more than 8000 registered suppliers of sex toys in China.

Today, let’s first discuss how to find a sex toys manufacturer in China with a stable supply, strong comprehensive strength, and suitable for our own business model to lay the business foundation.

1 . Customization Capacity (ODM / OEM Sex toys):

How to judge the strength of a supplier of sex toys? The most important is the design capacity, but this part is precisely what Chinese manufacturers of sex toys lack most. The manufacturing process of Sex Toys is very simple, it is not high-tech, most production uses the assembly process, and the biggest difference between sex toys lies in design. We can see that the market is flooded with Sex Toys of various colors, shapes, and functions. This is the result of many years of vigorous competition among various manufacturers of sex toys for design capabilities.

Although the design capacity is not so good, Chinese manufacturers of sex toys have strong customization capabilities. They manufacture according to the brand design schemes of foreign Sex Toys or make some minor modifications to the hot-selling sex toys of foreign brands to form their own sex toy designs. This is the best attempt made by most manufacturers of sex toys in the design process.
Why don’t China manufacturers of sex toys do their own research and development of design?

China sex toy manufacturers

This is not because China sex toy manufacturers do not have this power, but because Chinese traditional culture conflicts with sex toys, and it is very difficult for designed sex toys to pass the national examination and approval. China’s policy does not allow the promotion of Sex toys, so there are basically no great brands of sex toys in China. A large number of manufacturers of sex toys concentrate on manufacturing and OEM services for foreign Sex Toys brands. This is a present situation of huge industrial division that has been spontaneously formed in China’s sex toys industry over the years.

Excellent suppliers often make customized products for customers. The production process and product quality of customized products can withstand the long-term test of the market. The entire manufacturing and delivery process is very stable. Chinese manufacturers of sex toys can always quickly customize the sex toys that customers want.

If you want to create your own Sex toys brand and grow it, finding a manufacturer of sex toys with very strong customization capabilities is a big competitive advantage for your products in the future.

2 . Production capacity:

The production capacity is mainly reflected in the timely delivery. Most Chinese Sex Toys manufacturers score high in this regard. As long as there are orders, the supply is no problem. The main difference in production capacity is its own flexibility, which is clearly demonstrated in this year’s sex toys industry. Last year, the demand for Sex Toys has risen sharply, and many Chinese manufacturers’ orders have been filled for more than 3 months. Excellent suppliers can quickly expand production capacity according to existing standards, or borrow the production capacity of sister factories to meet customer delivery requirements.

3 . Quality Control Capability:

Quality is always the most important element of a product. The business can grow over time, the essence is that products can get positive feedback from the market.

How to judge the quality of the products produced by a sex toys manufacturer? First of all, Sex Toys are consumer products. We are both merchants and consumers. From the consumer’s point of view, imagine whether you or the people around you can accept its quality. Your reaction reflects if it is good or bad.

Secondly, we can visit the factory and understand its manufacturing and testing process, and then combine it with the company’s brand awareness to judge. A good factory pays great attention to every manufacturing detail. For example: If the customer reports that hair is found in the delivered product, our factory will immediately rectify it and require all production workers to wear hair masks. Thirdly, You can take samples from several suppliers for Side-by-side comparisons, and it is obvious which product is better.

4 . Cost Control Capability:

Cost control ability is mainly reflected in the price of the product. Sex toys manufacturers are also merchants, and they all operate factories for profit. If you have enough experience in the sex toys industry, especially in manufacturing, then you can roughly calculate its production cost based on the samples. The price of supply minus the cost of production is the profit of the factory. Reasonable factory profit is the ultimate goal of your price negotiation. Do not deliberately force prices down. To significantly force prices down in the context of a lack of understanding of costs is actually forcing suppliers to reduce the quality of their products.
Excellent manufacturers have a large number of orders every month, and they master good negotiation skills to negotiate with downstream material and parts suppliers. So they have an advantage in the purchasing price. In addition, if suppliers have better control over costs and financial expenses, then they can supply high-quality and competitive price products.

5 . Communication Ability:

Customers are used to collecting market information and feedback on products. How the information that customers pay attention to can be quickly and accurately reflected in the manufactured products, so as to get better market feedback, which requires manufacturers to have good communication skills and to respond quickly to what is happening.
Excellent sex toy manufacturers have a good sense of service and can stand at the forefront of the market together with customers, helping customers deal with after-sales, feedback, and product corrections.
In China, there are various sex toy suppliers with different scales, different products, and different business concepts. According to the type and stage of own sex toy business, finding the most suitable manufacturer that can meet own needs is the most important to the development of the business.

Homisextoys  (wholesale sex toys manufacturer) has many years of experience in the manufacture of Sex Toys. It is also a service brand that specializes in serving overseas Sex Toys business. In response to the needs of our customers, we provide the greatest help and support within our ability to serve our customers’ business. We are ready to serve your business at any time.

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Save Money: Buy Your Sex Toys Direct From China’s Largest Sex Toy Supplier

How to find China Sex Toy Wholesaler, Sex Toy Supplier and Sex toy Manufacturer, Wholesale from Sex Toy Shop from china adult toy.

Let’s face it if you are in any business; you need the newest product at the best price. Being in the Adult niche means this is even more important.

The reality is the sex industry offers massive opportunities to nimble entrepreneurs.

Buying Direct From A Chinese Sex toy Manufacturer.

In reality, practically every sex product is made in China, and many follow a very complex supply chain to reach your business and be sold to your customers.

While all sex toys are made in China, they are sometimes designed in different countries; for instance, some are designed in The US and Made in China.

The supply chain to your business goes something like this Adult Product Designer, Sex Toy Manufacture, Sex Toy Wholesaler, Adult Shop or Website, Customer. Along the way, every single one of these people is adding a percentage to the sale. Each step cuts your margin.

Yes, some of these manufacturers offer drop shipping for their more oversized, more expensive products. Imagine if you can buy direct from china, direct from the sex toy manufacturer straight to your door. Or even better, straight to your customer.

So Why Don’t All Sex Toy Shop Buy Direct From China

One major stumbling block from buying directly from china is getting a quality manufacturer, one with a track record that will deliver on time and budget. You don’t want to receive wrong or low-quality sexual products.

The second problem is freight cost and freight time. This can add quite a bit to the cost of your goodies and must be taken into account when pricing your order. Another problem is minimum order quantities. These can sometimes be too big for a regular business to use. But don’t worry we have a solution.

What You Need Is a Chinese Sex Toy Manufacturer that Delivers.
You Should Look for In A Sex Toy Wholesaler Sex Toy Wholesaler. After a lot of trial and error stumbled on Shenzhen AIERSHI Technology Co, located in Shenzhen, the heart of the Chinese sex toy industry.

AIERSHI Technology is a joint venture between Chinas biggest Sex Toy manufacturer and a large manufacturer of raw materials. It was set up to specifically overseas service markets.

AIERSHI aims to supply the best product at the best price to adult retailers outside China.

They are explicitly targeting international customers. Their goal is to make a product that makes your customers happy at a price that makes everyone happy.

Buying Direct from AIERSHI technology China

You have two options for buying directly from AIERSHI. The first is to contact us directly via their wholesale sex products website or if you want to get a sex toy sample to visit our online store.

We have a motivated customer service team that has one goal. To help retailers succeed because shared success equals happy customers.

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The Safe Sex Toy Materials 

Sex Toy Materials-Please choose toys made of safe sex toy materials and use the best material for sex toys with peace of mind

Although most sex toy manufacturers and retailers are quick to highlight the features of their products. How many times have you seen the “Waterproof” logo or wondered just how many vibration patterns a toy actually needs? — you should also pay attention to the sex toy materials. While it’s true that higher quality vibrators and dildos may have a higher initial investment. Some materials are simply safer and healthier. If money is your bottom line, consider that safer materials also tend to need less replacing; thus. You may be saving money in the long run, when you purchase a sex toy made of safe materials.

So what is the best material for sex toys?

What is the safest dildo material?

sex toy

Generally speaking, the safest sex toy materials are those that are non-porous or have a low porosity.

Porous materials, like traditional jelly toys, have tiny holes that can harbor bacteria, even when your sex toy is physically clean.

Most people disinfect items and surfaces in their home, even if those items come nowhere near the orifices of the body so why wouldn’t you want the same for your sex toy?

Non-porous toys may also leak chemicals or oils, have a strong, unpleasant odor and can leech colors from other toys.

The following toys are completely non-pourous, when the entire toy is one piece.

You can not only clean these materials with soap and water, but you can boil them for three minutes or treat them with the same bleach recipe that you would use to clean baby toys or bottles to disinfect.

Toys without moving parts are safe to sanitize on the top shelf of your dishwasher, in a cycle without detergent.

Note that many toys use a combination of materials.

Any toy that has a seam offers a place for dirt and grime to hide, just like grout between tiles, even if the materials are all non-pores.


100% silicone toys are some of the safest toys on the market.(Most of the sex toy materials on the market are silicone)

Silicone toys can either be solid material or a coated vibrator motor. Almost any toy can be made from silicone from dildos to vibrators, butt plugs to nipple suckers, and there is an impressive array of colors and shapes available. Because of its density, silicone carries powerful vibrations and it great for penetration. It slowly retains heat so it able to warm to your body’s natural temperature during play.
Medical grade silicone most commonly used in toys is nonporous, stopping bacteria from retaining and spreading on the toy. That is a safest dildo material,and they are also easy to clean and maintain.

Wash in warm water with a mild soap, place on the top rack of your dishwasher without detergent or boil in water for a few minutes.

Don’t worry about burning or melting your toy, silicone can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees celsius.  
When playing with a silicone toy, use a water based lubricant. Silicone lubes can cause damage to them, affecting the texture and strength of your toy. Lint and dust are attracted to the surface of silicone toys so store in a soft, low lint cloth bag.

finger vibrator


Glass may seem like an odd material for a sex toy at first but many people love its rigidity for hitting the right spot without a lot of force.

It’s incredibly easy to feel the textures of glass sex toys and you can even apply cool or warm water for temperature play –never put the toy in the freeze or microwave as this can weaken the glass.
Rest assured that your glass dildo will not break or even splinter aside of you.

However, you may want to take care to store it in a padded pouch and to hold it securely when washing. Glass is especially easy to clean because it is so slick.

For this reason, you can also use glass vibrators and dildos with less lubricant than you might need with other materials.


Metal sex toys, like the anal plugs and dildos from manufacturer Homisextoys, are rigid like glass but much heavier. Because of this, you may want to thrust more gently to avoid hitting your cervix or other sensitive parts and you want to avoid hitting your sink or dropping them on tile floors as you can damage your home. However, metal toys offer the benefit of being non-porous as well as responsive to temperature changes. 

Acrylics, Ceramics and Wood

Acrylic, ceramic and wood sex toys are not as common as silicone or even glass but consumers enjoy them because they offer hardness without the added weight.

These materials may be non-porous; however, you should take care when cleaning them.

For example, acrylic and ceramic dildos can scratch and you should not submerge wood because the moisture can allow mold to grow in your sex toys.  

Stick to soap and water cleaning.
Ceramic vibrators and dildos are crafted, painted and then treated with a tough glaze that makes them non-porous and difficult to scratch.

Acrylics, on the other hand, are a hard, synthetic plastic polymer. Acrylic dildos are translucent or transparent and often clear.

However, you may find translucent acrylic sex toys with a hint of color, such as blue or pink.
Wood sex toys, like ceramic, are shaped and treated with a glaze, similar to a wooden salad bowl, that makes them healthy and safe.

This safe treatment prevents the wood from splintering. Wood is quite light in comparison to other materials.

Sex toy manufacturers will also choose best material for sex toys.

Check out the dildo and anal toys from toy company Homisextoys.

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What Makes A Sex Toy Superior?

Find The Best Wholesale Services For sex toy. One Stop For All Your Needs.Fast Shipping. Stock up inventory with low B2B prices.

People worldwide look for the latest sex toy to delight their senses, but many do not know who makes the best sex toys.

This article will review some of the top sex toy companies providing information on what makes them safe sexual products that will last. However, first, we will provide education on what to watch out for and avoid.

You expect it to last when you spend your hard-earned money on one. Those who have made the mistake of purchasing cheap and poorly made sex toys have found it worth making sure you get a reputable brand from an authorized dealer to avoid knock-offs, shady resellers, and sex toy store scams.

Consumers of sex toys understand the importance of a quality product.

Determining Safety

The most important thing when choosing a sex toy is ensuring that it is body-safe. This means that your sex toy does not contain toxicants like phthalates, BPA, lead, cadmium, and other harmful chemicals.

Determining Quality

In addition to being free of toxins, sex toys is made with quality components and materials. For example, the silicone used it platinum cured silicone and, at the very least, a post-baked silicone.

Many sex toys are made with cheap components and materials. However, there is only one way to determine the quality: researching the sex toy brand.

Some brands have much higher quality controls and do independent testing.

They may also make their sex toys in their own manufacturing plant.

Which gives them more control over the quality of the materials and components used.

It matters what brand you buy because many brands don’t manufacture their sex toys.

Rather, they use third-party sex toy manufacturers.

This may mean they have no idea what is used to create their products.

They are more concerned about what the product looks like and how they can market it to you. Instead of ensuring quality, they just slap on their private label branding and do not do any testing to determine safety.

Many of these companies have websites that seem quite nice and are mainstream and popular, but the reality is that they are all about marketing and image and have no substance when it comes to quality controls.

This includes many holistic and health-focused websites that appear to have your health in mind.

When you ask them questions about testing and what labs they use or how they determine the quality and safety, they often cannot provide more than just generalized reassurances rather than specifics.

Sex toys are often referred to as adult novelties, but that does not have to do with their quality; rather, it has to do with their classification.

We have put together the best sex toy brands in the industry for you to search through. All of these brands offer sexual products that are made from body-safe materials that meet or exceed international safety standards set forth by CE, RoHS, REACH, and POP directives. These sex toys are free of phthalates, latex, and lead and are the healthiest sexual products available.

Why Choose Us?

As a professional sex toy manufacturers, Homisextoys has 12 years of experience in the adult sex toys industry.

Has a clear understanding of all the products and needs of adult toy, and has our own adult sex toys production line and professional design team that can provide the best OEM/ODM adult sex toys solutions with good service and affordable prices. etc.

Independent research and development
Production of complete accessories
A comprehensive company
12 years of manufacturing experience
Online support and after-sales technical service

Why Homisextoys Wholesale?

Homisextoys Wholesale is here to bring you the best and most exciting adult products on the market.

Specialising in supplying independent adult retailers, if you’re looking for new and innovitive products to inspire your customers.

Homisextoys is a perfect fit for your business.

Trending Sex Toys Wholesale at Moderate Prices

How to choose the right sex toys to boost your profit?

You need more than just sex toys, you need a professional veteran supplier who has been in the field for 10 years.

Let Homisextoys help you to grow your business and maximize your margin from here.